Antarctic yoga: we take advantage of the only flat surface available, the frozen ice lake created by glacier run-off! 

Let Them Have It.



Their pathologies, their misplaced anger, their mommy/ daddy/ granny/ sibling/ significant other issues. Do not embrace that fucking shit as something for you to turn around, heal, transform, or deliver them from. They might bring it directly to you, wrapped in the prettiest of papers and bows . . . do not accept it. If they throw it through your front window one late night like a brick … walk the fuck away from it. You might panic at first. It may seem like you can’t get away from it. Think again, dearest. It does not belong to you.

Nobody’s saying you can’t help them as they figure it out. It’s not abnormal at all to have someone’s back while they untangle themselves. And there’s nothing wrong with cheering, or even lending a helping hand when you’re able to. Your job, though, is not to do the heavy lifting for that other person.

I know it sounds nice and noble: find this wounded bird, rehab this abandoned dog. They’ll learn what they want to when they are ready. They’ll employ it when they feel like it. That’s not dependent upon you. I promise it isn’t. If your life gets a highlight reel before you die, do you really think doing another grown person’s work for them will be included? If you think so, that’s fine. You can stop reading now, and I’ll let you go on about your fucking life.

But you, you who answered that question “no,” or “I don’t think so?” Think about what you carry that is not yours. Determine whether it can serve you. And act accordingly.  There is no great reward for taking on their shit.

i wrote this for all of us.

it’s like this was written for me.

Folks really need to stop with treating Canada is better. Canada’s hands may not be as dirty as the US but lets not pretend that like shit is all hunky dory. just saying. Last time i check the aboriginal peoples are not doing that great. Does the wonderful health care make sure their life expectancies extend past 37?